Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda


On Wednesday (April 5) had the pick 5 going at Tampa. The first three legs paid $11-13. Then I singled a very difficult race. Horse bumped and weaved through the stretch to win by a head and pay $13.

In the last race on the turf for maidens, I had three horses (1,2,6) that would pay between $5-7.5K for the pick 5. There was only one horse (4) that I thought had a chance, but he had been off a full year, was working steadily since December, but the trainer was 0-13 with horses coming back in more than 90 days. So for insurance, I bet $50 to win on every other horse in the race, and $100 on the 4. Total $400 for insurance.

As the horses were coming down the stretch the 2 and 1 were fighting it out with the 6 already spent on the lead. Then a horse was flying on the outside and won easily. Turned out it was the 4 who paid $13.30. I collected $660 for a $119 profit for the day. Doesn’t seem right.

Pick 5 for $0.50 paid over $76K!

Mr. X

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