Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doghouse Posted for Sunday, August 30

I have posted a Doghouse for tomorrow, handicapping the dirt races only for wet conditions.

Tough day today with the weather. Took a beating on the races that I played.

Congratulations to Summer Bird. A Birdstone in the rain at Saratoga. What an original thought!

As usual, go to Meet Mr. X and click on the Doghouse Confidential red button or go to the Racing Calendar.

Good luck.

Mr. X

Travers Today

Terrible weather for a great card.

I like 7 Kensei to win. Looks to be improving, outside, and won here in a very good effort. My numbers say that he can get 10 furlongs, although everyone else can as well.

The horse to beat is 4 Quality Road, and Pletcher's route to this race is questionable at best. But who am I to question Pletcher? Both will like the mud.

So I'll place a win bet on 7 Kensei, and an exacta box (4-7) on Kensei/Quality Road.

Good luck!

Mr. X

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Abbreviated Doghouse Posted for Friday, August 28

I have posted an abbreviated Doghouse for Friday for my friends and colleagues at the Division of Mineral Resources. Unfortunately, because of another commitment, I won't be able to attend Minerals Day at the Spa that is the genesis of the Doghouse Confidential.

As always, go to the Meet Mr. X page and click on the red Doghouse Confidential button. Alternatively, you can go to the date on the Racing Calendar.

Lost big yesterday, but hit a good triple today. Still down for the meet.

Remember, you are seeing what I will bet. Use the Doghouse for information, but make your own decisions.

Good luck to all!

Mr. X

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doghouse Posted for Wednesday, August 26

Handicapped the entire card given that I think that the races will stay on the turf.

Hitting a few this week and making a comeback.

Please note that I have included two TicketMaker sheets for the early Pk4 and the Pk3 for races 7-9.

As always, go to the Meet Mr. X page and click on the Doghouse Confidential red button or go to the Racing Calendar.

Five maiden races tomorrow, so take it easy again. Always check my numbers.

Good luck!

Mr. X

Monday, August 24, 2009

Doghouse to be posted for Wednesday, August 26

Getting some good hits and making some money. But I need more big hits.

I will post a Doghouse for Wednesday, either late tomorrow night or early Wednesday morning.

Sunday's Doghouse had four winners on top out of six races and one second choice.

Mr. X

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Interesting Day on Sunday - Longshot Winner

Had a number of winners and a triple from the Doghouse, so I made some money today. But that wasn't the entire story.

I told Mrs. X that I was not betting the second race as it was a mile and a sixteenth maiden special turf race that had now been moved to the main track at seven furlongs. We decided to eat lunch so while I was having my sandwich, I started to look at which horse would be the speed in the race now that it was a shorter race. The track was muddy but really not that bad.

As I perused the past performances, I came upon the 8 horse, a first time starter named Grand Rapport from Gary Contessa. He had two fast works and met my number of furlong works per day criteria. A horse from the main track only list was now running, and Alan Garcia was named to ride. He looked like a promising horse, but he didn't have enough works to tell me that he was ready to win first time out.

When I looked at my official track program, Richard Migliore who is hungry for mounts was named as first call to the main track only horse and second call to Grand Rapport. Yet Migliore was riding Grand Rapport instead of the main track only horse. Very interesting. Why would that be? Was he pushed aside in favor of Garcia or did he know that his second call, Grand Rapport, was live?

I decided to bet the race, so I bet $20 to win on Grand Rapport who was 14-1. When the gates opened, Grand Rapport seemed to break well, but retreated to the back. At the first quarter, he was 16 lengths behind the leader. I pictured my twenty dollar bill with wings flying away.

Grand Rapport started to make up some ground and was about 7 lengths back after the half, and circled six wide down the stretch moving past horses on the outside. He came in on a horse slightly, caught up to the leader at the sixteenth pole and continued on to win! He paid $31 so my take was $310!

I can't remember when a horse was that far back at the Spa ever winning at 7 furlongs, but it was a great thrill. It's what keeps you coming back!

Mr. X

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday, August 23 Doghouse Posted

Had a good sheet today (Saturday) and cashed many times, but still managed to lose for the day.

Weather was surprisingly great with no heavy rains during the day. We did get some storms tonite so I expect the track to have some moisture.

As always, go to Meet Mr. X and click on the Doghouse Confidential red button or to the Racing Calendar.

This is the week to start to hit some big ones.

Good luck!

Mr. X

Friday, August 21, 2009

Doghouse Posted for Saturday, August 22

I have posted the Doghouse Confidential for Saturday. I only handicapped the dirt races because of the weather.

As usual, go to the Meet Mr. X page and click on the red Doghouse Confidential button. Alternatively, go to the date in the Racing Calendar.

Because of the weather and the likelihood of a sealed racetrack, take it easy. Watch for the track maintenance and any changes in the condition of the track.

Still down but doing much better. I will likely post during the week, most likely for Wednesday.

Good luck!

Mr. X

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saratoga Spot Plays for Monday, August 10

Been losing everything until today, so I was reluctant to post spot plays until I heated up. Still down for the meet.

Here are a couple of spot plays for Monday:

3rd Race

Looks like the two favorites. 1 Cool Coal Man has a major pace advantage and should go wire to wire. 2 Barrier Reef who is likely prepping for the Woodward or some other later race should close to complete the exacta. Very small payoff for the 1-2 exacta box. Add another straight exacta 1-2,

8th Race

8 Rereadthefootnotes will be the deserving favorite and should beat these easily with Garcia. 4 Wolfson is Castellano's choice and had an excuse in last. He has cleared his state conditions and is in for a tag. Had some trouble in last, then came at the end. 6 Mr. Bourbon Street had similar trouble and finished well. He gets Dominguez who is head and shoulders over everyone else. Bet a three horse exacta box 4-6-8, then bet straight exacta 8 with the 4-6.

Good luck.

Mr. X

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Diana and Jim Dandy, Saturday, August 1

Spent the day getting a replacement card for my NYRA Account. I was so frazzled that I bet the wrong horses in a $10 exacta box. Paid $84. I'm not proud. Lost $200 on a really crazy day.

Today in the 9th race Diana, I don't see anyone beating the champ, 10 Forever Together. Turf is good and only one race off today. She has beaten most of these, and looks to repeat her win last year. 3 Rutherienne and 7 My Princess Jess look like the logical horses that have a chance, but more likely underneath the 10. Bet exacta box with all three, then straight exactas 10 with 3-7. I will also bet a $20 double: 10-5 Charitable Man.

In the Jim Dandy (10th), 5 Charitable Man looks like he is in the right spot. A difficult race as usual, but horses running 9f at the Spa need to be inside, have speed, and stay close to the pace. Charitable Man ran an unbelievable Peter Pan then faded in the Belmont Stakes as we thought he would. 7 Convocation looks to be an improving horse and is likely more suited to the 9f distance. 3 Kensei ran a tremendous Dwyer at 8.5f with a huge 105 B, beating Convocation and Warrior's Reward. He could win, but I think that he is more suited to that distance rather than the 9f. Bet exacta box: 3-5-7, then bet exacta 5-3, and the big bet exacta 5-7.

Good luck! Mr. X