Saturday, August 8, 2020

Travers Day 2020

 Been losing for the meet but heating up recently. If you were paying attention, we hit the Pick 4 on August 2 (below). Only paid $82, but we will take it. Hit a good Grand Slam on Thursday for $212. Yesterday I was alive to four horses out of eight in the final leg of the late Pick 4, and the best I do was a third place finish. Tough at the Spa.

Today in the Travers all of the horses meet my numbers. 6 Tiz the Law looks overwhelming. He is most seasoned and has a pace edge on the field. Only way he can get beat is if 3 Uncle Chuck by Baffert is another Arrogate. Uncle Chuck is very unseasoned but Baffert doesn't send them here to be second. Depending on the odds, I will bet 6 over 3 and half as much on 3 over 6.

Here is my Grand Slam (races 8-11) bet: 7-1-5-6/3. Expect a short price. Double bet on Tiz the Law.

Here is my $0.50 Pick 5 (races 7-11) bet: 1-4-6/1-2-4-7/1-2-5/5-6/3-6= $72.

Good luck!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday, August 2 Grand Slam and Late Pick 4

Couldn't hit the Whitney with Tom's d'Etat stumbling out of the gate. Killed our Pick 4's as well.

Today, I'm betting the Grand Slam (races 6-9) and Late Pick 4 (races 7-10) presuming we don't get monsoon rains:

GS: 6-8-3-6/4    $0.50 Pk4: 2-5-8-9/3-6-8-11/6/1-2-3-8= $32 Keying the 6 Moretti in the 9th.

Good luck!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

2020 Whitney Stakes and Pick 4

Yes, I am alive and well, quarantining since March. Love the TV show, but losing for the meet thus far. Making mistakes and losing head bobs!

I don't see anyone beating 5 Tom's d'Etat. Too good for these. Look for a change of tactics on 1 By My Standards with Jose Ortiz. Only chance to win. 2 Improbable may surprise but doesn't ship well and acts up. Exacta Box: 1-5, with double bet on 5-1.

The Stakes Pick 4 (races 9-12) is always difficult. The cheaper version ($0.50): 1-5/5-6-8/2-4/2-7=$12. The more expensive: 1-5/5-6-8-10-11/2-4/2-4-6-7-9=$50.

Good luck!