Sunday, May 19, 2013

Preakness Epilogue

I was very busy yesterday and didn't post. However, that doesn't mean I didn't bet.

The closest thing in my mind to a lock was Orb. I just couldn't see him losing to this bunch even though he had the rail. The weather again wasn't great.

The only way that I thought he would get beat is if one of the horses took off and led all the way around. But I looked at all the early horses and concluded that none could beat Orb in any event. I never would have bet Oxbow to be one of the early horses. To see if there was any track bias for the front end, I reviewed all of the earlier distance races which were won by horses closing from behind.

So in my mind, everything favored Orb to repeat, and I bet him with Mylute in a box (3 times more with Orb on top), then Orb on top with four others, but no Oxbow.

In the end, you should thank your lucky stars that I didn't post. Orb just didn't run his race.

Mr. X

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Anonymous said...

are you going to look at Belmont for this weekend? I might be sloppy.
Thanks, safetybob