Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday, Minerals Track Day, August 27, 2010

Friday is Minerals Day and the birthday of the Doghouse Confidential. This is the day that it began back in 1986.

As always, go to the Meet Mr. X page and click on the red Doghouse Confidential button.

Didn't listen to myself yesterday. On the Doghouse in the 7th race, there was a scratch of one of the key horses. Instead of moving up my selections, I checked the board at the track and used the favorite which I didn't like in the first place. Turned out to be a $112 exacta and a $1050 triple (both missed). Hope someone had it from the sheet.

Weather is gorgeous and will get hot next week. Better than rain.

Good luck to everyone, especially my old friends and colleagues at Minerals.

Mr. X

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Anonymous said...

Great Weather, Great Horses and Great Races. Life does not get much better. Got everything packed aand my Mom and son are ready to go! Hope we all have a good day cashing tickets! I like Trap Shoot tomorrow. Thanks for spending time sharing your passion, it is appreciated by more people than you realize. Bob Duff says hello!