Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saratoga Spot Plays for Monday, August 10

Been losing everything until today, so I was reluctant to post spot plays until I heated up. Still down for the meet.

Here are a couple of spot plays for Monday:

3rd Race

Looks like the two favorites. 1 Cool Coal Man has a major pace advantage and should go wire to wire. 2 Barrier Reef who is likely prepping for the Woodward or some other later race should close to complete the exacta. Very small payoff for the 1-2 exacta box. Add another straight exacta 1-2,

8th Race

8 Rereadthefootnotes will be the deserving favorite and should beat these easily with Garcia. 4 Wolfson is Castellano's choice and had an excuse in last. He has cleared his state conditions and is in for a tag. Had some trouble in last, then came at the end. 6 Mr. Bourbon Street had similar trouble and finished well. He gets Dominguez who is head and shoulders over everyone else. Bet a three horse exacta box 4-6-8, then bet straight exacta 8 with the 4-6.

Good luck.

Mr. X


Monika King said...

I appreciate the tips! Will I see you there? I'll be in the clubhouse, hope the weather's nice!! -Monika

Anonymous said...

No, I won't be going. Will be raining late. If the track is sealed, bet the front runners.

Mr. X