Saturday, August 1, 2009

Diana and Jim Dandy, Saturday, August 1

Spent the day getting a replacement card for my NYRA Account. I was so frazzled that I bet the wrong horses in a $10 exacta box. Paid $84. I'm not proud. Lost $200 on a really crazy day.

Today in the 9th race Diana, I don't see anyone beating the champ, 10 Forever Together. Turf is good and only one race off today. She has beaten most of these, and looks to repeat her win last year. 3 Rutherienne and 7 My Princess Jess look like the logical horses that have a chance, but more likely underneath the 10. Bet exacta box with all three, then straight exactas 10 with 3-7. I will also bet a $20 double: 10-5 Charitable Man.

In the Jim Dandy (10th), 5 Charitable Man looks like he is in the right spot. A difficult race as usual, but horses running 9f at the Spa need to be inside, have speed, and stay close to the pace. Charitable Man ran an unbelievable Peter Pan then faded in the Belmont Stakes as we thought he would. 7 Convocation looks to be an improving horse and is likely more suited to the 9f distance. 3 Kensei ran a tremendous Dwyer at 8.5f with a huge 105 B, beating Convocation and Warrior's Reward. He could win, but I think that he is more suited to that distance rather than the 9f. Bet exacta box: 3-5-7, then bet exacta 5-3, and the big bet exacta 5-7.

Good luck! Mr. X


Monika King said...

Gregg, I still check out your site every time I head to the track!! Can you post some ideas for Monday (the 10th of August). I'd love to know your insight as I'm going to spend the day...even better, maybe I'll run into you! - Monika King (I worked with you at Spectra!)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. Had a houseful of grandchildren for most of the week and losing everything at the track until today. I have posted a couple of spot plays. Pay attention to Dominguez and Garcia. They are getting the good horses.

Mr. X