Thursday, October 23, 2008

Breeder's Cup Spot Plays for Ladies Day Friday

Probably the most difficult cards of the year. It is very easy to lose all the races. But you can make good money winning one or two races, so don't be discouraged.

You are supposed to start slow, to conserve your bankroll for 14 races. But the very first race is extremely chaotic, and I don't like the favorite. Based on my energy distribution numbers thus far at Santa Anita, closers are winning everything (meaning their times not their running lines). So here is what I will bet to start things off.

3rd Race

All of my horses have good energy distribution times and closing times with the exception of Dearest Trickski who has the best final time and is included. Let it ride!

$1 Tri Box: 3-6-8-9-13 = $60


10 Stardom Bound tough to go against, syn specialist, good closing time, %E
4 Sky Diva from the east, one to beat, but no fake dirt
8 CS Silk dangerous speed, could take all, Alb choice
6 Van Lear Rose looks lesser from WO, but very good closing time

$5 Exbx: 4-8-10 = $30
$1 Tri: 4-8-10/4-8-6-10/4-8-6-10 = $18


1 Zenyatta too much for these, too tough, wins another
3 Cocoa Beach seems to get better, do different things, good work on syn

$20 Ex: 1-3 = $20
$10 Ex: 3-1 = $10

I will likely post some spot plays for Saturday's card. Check back.

Good luck, and let's have a safe and successful Breeder's Cup Double Day.

Mr. X

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you knock 'em out at Oak Tree tomorrow!