Saturday, September 6, 2008

Final Saratoga Tally

I went into the final day on Labor Day with a plus $400 for the Saratoga meet. Given the way I bet, that is very good for me, as I am always trying to hit the big one at the expense of covering my bets. This year the rolling doubles and pk3's really helped me in that I could now bet favorites in doubles and cover in the second leg with exacta's, etc. I hit a number of doubles and savers which obviously helped the bottom line. In past years, I probably would have passed on short-priced favorites in the win pool.

Unfortunately on Monday, the trainers, jockeys, and the horses didn't read the Doghouse, so I took the worst beating of the meet. The day was capped by the 2 year old Hopeful when Munnings genuflected at the gate, and Cribnote started to go downtown for a drink instead of making the turn. Amazingly, he took a left at the grandstand and came on the way, way, way outside for 2nd.

So the bottom line for the Saratoga meet was minus $150. There aren't too many people that can turn a $400 profit into a $150 loss in one day.

We had some very good winners this meet. We just have to keep doing it.

Hope you had fun. I will post Spot Plays for Belmont on occasion. Remember winning isn't everthing.

Mr. X

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