Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spot Plays, Wednesday, August 13

The weather has been horrendous and changing from race to race. Tomorrow should be better.

Here are some spot plays:

3rd Race - Tough Race

2 Extreme Supreme - right spot, best closing time and %E; Ward 3/4 here, 30%W-50%$
4 Loose Leaf - Had physical problems, but major close last year, needs to stay close; McPeek
6 Ravel - ship in, layoff for Pletcher/JVel; hard to ignore

The bet: $20 Ex: 2-4, $10 Ex: 4-2, $5 Exbx: 2-6

8th Race

2B Callmetony - Levine 35-60%, best final time, needs to break well from outside, 7f?
3 Starforaday - good closer, good final time, Prado here, major work, but needs to get off rail
6 Premium Wine - needs to stay close, disappointed this year, may not want wet, JVel leaves

The bet: $20 Ex: 2-3, $10 Ex: 3-2, $5 Exbx: 2-6 (no bet if 2B scratched); DD: 2B/3-6-8

9th Race

3 Doremifasollatido - best closing time, %E, needs to stretch 5f to 6.5f, 4 works, Jerkens 22-56%
8 Mani Bhavan - another stretcher, best final time, but outside, may want lead, Klesaris/Garcia
6 Garden District - been 6f, Pletcher/JVel, may not want longer, but has pace edge
4 Simplify - Bridg/Ass 28-52%, finished right behind 6, 4 works, may not want longer

The bet: $10 Exbx: 3/6-8, $1 Tri: 3-6-8/3-4-6-8/3-4-6-8

Always check my numbers.

Good luck! Still winning. Had two good ones on Sunday's Doghouse.

Mr. X

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