Friday, August 8, 2008

Omen from Gods of Racing; Next Doghouse on Sunday, August 10

Friday's date was 08-08-08. Some say that the date means infinity.

I handicapped the Doghouse for wet, and the weather for the first two races was perfect. In fact, my wife asked me if I was sticking with the Doghouse because of the good weather and the good to fast track.

After two races, I was down exactly $80.

Then a light rain, heavier rain, monsoon, hail, and rain again. The track looked like a river. Then the sun again. But the track was washed out around the far turn, and the card was canceled.

Maybe the Racing Gods saw that I lost exactly $80, and I was going to lose "infinitely" more so they figured the only way to save me was to cancel the card.

We live to play again on Sunday.

Mr. X

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