Monday, April 29, 2024

Kentucky Derby 2024 Contenders Characterized

 Yes, I am still alive and well and betting on horses. Additionally, I have subscribed to EquinEdge which is a racing platform that uses Artificial Intelligence. Very interesting and still learning.

I have posted the Contenders separated by median energy distribution and the last three furlongs in less than 38 seconds as I do every year. I have been using this system since around 2000 to separate contenders who appear to be able to go the 10f of the Derby versus others that don't seem to want to go that far.

You can see the characterization at Meet Mr. X tab, then hit enter on the red Doghouse Confidential button. I will post later in the week or the weekend for the Derby. Looks like rain may 'muddy up' the works. 

Good luck!

Mr. X

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