Saturday, August 27, 2022

Travers Doghouse Posted for Late Pick 5

I love Epicenter in the Travers, but I just can't ignore the track record time of Cyberknife in the Haskell at Monmouth who has a chance to upset. Brad Cox (Cyberknife) knows what he is doing. Meets my numbers, but does look a bit light against Epicenter. Early Voting with Brown is always a threat, and I just can't ignore Rich Strike who comes from way out of it and is working great here. But in the end, it is an exacta box with Epicenter and Cyberknife. I will also bet smaller boxes with each of these with the other two.

I like the middle Pick 5. Think it has a good chance.

Been picking winners, but cashing less. Always seems that there is one horse knocking me out of the Pick 5.

Go to the Meet Mr. X page and click on the Doghouse Confidential button.

Weather is great and the track is tightening up. Good luck!

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