Thursday, April 29, 2021

2021 Derby Categorizations by Energy Distribution and Final Three Furlong Times

 Yes, I am still alive and have received both vaccinations. Now for the Derby.

I have posted the Categorizations at Meet Mr. X, red button. No big surprises. Remember the analysis does not take into account final times. It is only to separate the contenders into the three categories.

I will post my analysis on Friday night or Saturday morning. 

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Did you see the note I left you last week? It was added to your 2020 KD summary. Good Luck, I arrived in Kentucky today. Looking forward to an exciting day Saturday.
Thanks as always, Bob

PS: Bob Duff retired late last year. Him and Sue are living the life.

Mr. X said...

Yes, I responded to your comment. Have a great time and win!