Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2017 Kentucky Derby Probables Characterized

As I do every year, I have posted my analysis of the Derby horses' ability to run the 10 furlongs of the Derby distance.

These calculations do not consider any handicapping or final time, only the ability to go beyond 9 furlongs to the Derby distance.

As always, go to the Meet Mr. X page, and click on the red Doghouse Confidential button. I will post my Derby selections and betting strategies on Friday night or early on Saturday.

Good luck!

Mr. X


Anonymous said...

Thanks and good luck. I feel guilty because of using your information and added/subtracted usually one horse and several times did very well with the combination. I would not have won by myself and your picks did not come in either however the combination did. This has happened for 3 previous Derby's over the years you have been posting. I'm putting Hence in the exotics rain or shine.
Thanks again, Bob

Mr. X said...

Glad to see I helped. If you look back, these horses that meet my criteria really stay on for the rest of the year and win most of the big races. Like anything else, nothing is perfect. Always make your own decision. Again, glad I helped.