Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breeder's Cup Friday Spot Plays

Don't know if I will have time to study and post for Saturday, but I do like some of the races on Friday:

Race 4: Exacta box: 3 Merit Man and a longshot 6 Hazardous. Numbers say that they will run away from the field.

Race 7: 1 Beholder has a significant pace advantage. Will take off and need to stretch out to the 8.5f distance. 8 Kaui Katie needs to stretch out as well, but was unbelievable at the Spa and her next race. From connections of Rachel Alexandra. Will bet an exacta box.

$1 Pick 4:

6th: 3-5-6-10
7th: 1-8
8th: 4-9-10
9th: 5-6-8

Total: $72

Good luck! At least we don't have to worry about the weather.

Mr. X

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Anonymous said...

Got burned at the Spa this summer by missing Zagora did not let it happen again this afternoon. Nice payout. I should have checked this earlier today! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and stratedgies.