Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday,7th Race, BC Sprint, Nov. 6

Don't like the race as a betting race, and I don't like the favorite. Raced on turf the last time, and ran penultimate in April at Keenland. Ventura will be the betting favorite with Frankel only 1/9 but in the money 7/9. She is the defending champion and will be overbet.

So I'll try to defeat the favorite and have her run off the board. I like the 3 Game Face to finish in the money so here is what I will bet:

All $1 Tri:

3 with 2-7-8 with 2-7-8

2-7-8 with 3 with 2-7-8

2-7-8 with 2-7-8 with 3

Total $18

Worth a shot.

Mr. X

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