Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recap: Whirlaway and Risen Star

In the Whirlawy, Haynesfield just overpowered the field. I still don't think he is a viable Derby candidate, but we'll see in the next race. We got a bad ride on our horse, but it really didn't matter. What was noteworthy was that both of my other horses did not finish second or third. Not good.

In the Risen Star, our second choice won. Our first choice went off the favorite after a layoff. While he didn't have to win, I thought that he would finish at least second. He did run into a lot of trouble during the race. None of my other horses finished second, third or fourth. Think about it. Out of thirteen horses, I had five - the winner, but none of the other horses. Bet all the closers, but the way the race was run, nobody really closed into a soft pace. The good news is that I was all wrong, so if I reverse my thinking, we'll hit it. Have to be optimistic.

We'll get them next time.

Mr. X

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