Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday's Spa Feature

More rain and a critical scratch in the two year old Sanford:

5 Bullion Cache - good connections, best speed, looks to be in good spot, Pletcher/Vel but Alb leaves; Pletcher 23%

3 Desert Party - cost $2.1 million, Harty, only been 4.5f, good Spa work, rumored to be very good

7 Phosphorescent - been 6f, good times, Alb here, West Point, but Romans 0/16 here

6 Vineyard Haven - Frankel purchase, last at Calder, Cast, Frankel 0/3

Here's what I will bet: $10 Exbx 3-5, $2 Ex 3-5 / 3-5-6-7

Good luck!

Mr. X

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