Monday, April 30, 2007

Appearance on Trackfacts Live!

Mr. X appeared on the OTB TV show on April 29 to discuss his method of separating contenders from non-contenders in the Kentucky Derby.

The chart used on the show has now been posted at Meet Mr. X, Kentucky Derby 2007.

A final analysis and betting strategy will be available at the Doghouse Confidential late Friday night or by noon on Saturday, the Holy Day.

Good luck, and may the horse be with you.

Mr. X


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. X, for an excellent analysis of 2007 Kentucky Derby. I saw your appearance on TrackFacts Live! Nick Kling provided me with link to your website.

I will look forward to reading your final, pre-race analysis on Friday or Saturday. -- Glen

Anonymous said...

You have been very helpful in making me perform my own analysis. Bob Duff works with me and provided me with the link. I've passed it along to several other people. I look forward to seeing your final thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I am a long lost relative of Mr. X. Last year, we both predicted Barbaro the winner. I want to make sure I gave my picks in case we agree again. I believe there are only 4 contenders: Dominican, Cowtown Cat, Hard Spun and Circular Quay. I think Dominican is the winner but I would box them all in a triple and exacta, with win and place on Dominican.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr X
I just wanted to thank you for the 5 Horse Triple Box tip. My wife and I usually go the the East Greenbush OTB and adjoining Local Restaurant/Bar with a group of neighbors and friends to have some fun getting bets in for the Big Races. I'm not a huge better so didn't go it alone, but we put together a team buy, and everyone was happy to get their share of the win. Everyone was intrigued when I shared your tips as soon as I mentioned your OTB Channel appearance.
Thank again,